Posted by George Morrison

Women Today                       Word on the Week                   18th September 2021.

When the Lord God created male and female he made them equal in his sight.   They differed by design and in the role designed for them (Genesis Chapter 1 verses 27 and 28).    They were made to complement each other in a monogamous marital relationship and were designed to be fruitful and populate the earth.

The way we were made was disrupted by man’s rebellion against God as he became involved with an alternative source of ‘wisdom’ which was satanic (Genesis Chapter 3 verses 1 to 6).   Separation from fellowship with God resulted in the introduction of sin and death with the resultant breakdown in human relationships (Romans Chapter 5 verse 12).   Denial of God today has been followed by destruction of his order in society.

In the place of divine order has come a state of fluidity.   This was shown in a government questionnaire we received this week where we were asked “With which gender do you identify?”   There were four choices!   Male, Female, Other, Prefer not to say.   It seems that the immature notion of youth, that we may be in the wrong body, has encouraged people to experiment.

The 1st Minister of Scotland has suggested that people trans gendering should be allowed to alter the name and sex on their birth certificate to reflect their current preference.    She has forgotten the Scripture “Male and Female created he them” Genesis Chapter 1 verse 27).    There are no DIY options.

The Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1960’ies was necessary to recognise women’s place in a society where they had little influence.   Many of the ‘glass ceilings’ have been broken and women have few, if any, occupation they cannot aspire to.    Throughout the Bible women are treated with respect which would have been counter to the culture of the day.   St Paul listed some of these women, with gratitude, in Romans Chapter 16 verses 1 to 16. 

Today the scale of abuse of women by men is around 1 in 8.   This form of male domination was encouraged by the cavalier lifestyle of people like Trump.   If you have experienced abuse you know all about it.   If you are an abuser, you need to repent and seek forgiveness.   Many cases of abuse occurred in homes during Covid lockdown where the parties were isolated together.

Calamitous situations need not end in tragedy.    When the Lord heard the prayers of Paul and Silas, or perhaps it was their singing in prison, he let them out.   The Jailor, seeing the prison open, reached for his sword to kill himself.    Paul restrained him and explained what God had done, not only that evening but in the death and resurrection of Christ.

We are told that the jailor’s family were also present, received the message with faith, were baptised and had a communal meal to celebrate (Acts Chapter 16 verses 25 to 34).    One instance of a family united from near tragedy to being received into the Kingdom of God.    Pray for many more to join them.