Mures Valley

Grace Bible Fellowship is involved in supporting the Mures Valley Project in Romania which is led by Mr Ion Damian.

Faith growing
Spiritual growing of the believers – passionate involvement
  • Mission School
  • Bible Studies
  • Conferences
  • Christian magazine “Farul Crestin”
Share Gospel growing
Evangelism growing – passionate involvement
  • Practice mission of mission school
  • Mission campaigns
  • Personal evangelism
  • Radio mission
  • Prison mission
  • Home mission groups
  • Social mission projects
Community Social Mission growing
Projects growing – passionate involvement
  • Social care: “Helping Hands”
  • Social assistance: “Social Center”
  • Counseling care: “Counseling help”
  • Children care: “Children Club”
  • Youth care: “The friends of Lipova”
  • Old people care: “Mission of Mercy”
  • Teenager care: “Career guidance”
Ethnic Mission growing
Mission campaigns
  • Ukraine
  • Romanian gipsy
Mission projects
  • Ukraine
  • Serbia
Mission courses
  • Ukraine
  • Romanian gipsy