Old Paths

by Ciara Browne

Giant’s shoulders firmly rest
Beneath our feet.
As innovation, speculation
Cry for our attention.
These bulwarks call us home
Saying “No Retreat”.

The road less travelled
Does not always lead
To greener fields
But paths of old
Trodden, worn
With ancient battles fought
With errors slain,
Man’s fables brought to nought,
Herein are treasures revealed.

Creation blossoms forth,
Diversity, the tempter of each age
Is not to be disdained
But at the core
Out fathers’ faith informs
The bending, shaping of our own décor.

Wittenberg’s door,
Calvin’s weighty tome,
Confessions, creeds and oratories
Must not lie unknown.
As progress, blessed thing.
Moves on, let us bring
The sap, the heart, the breath
Of the old paths.

Praise the Lord

by Peter Browne

Praise the Lord, the King of heaven
All who love His holy name
For He is the one who suffered
Although He was without blame.

Sing unto the King of Glory
All of you who’ve been set free
For He shed his blood at Calvary
When he hung upon a tree.

Magnify His name forever
Son of God and son of man
Our redeemer who is risen
Part of God’s eternal plan.

Worship Jesus who is worthy
Of our honour and our praise
Give him thanks and give him glory
Let him reign all of your days.