Core Values

Our vision – pursuing God … preparing people

Our Seven Core Values

Outreach – Introducing those next door and around the world to the Saviour. This is our greatest priority to see The Great Commission become a practical reality in our lives.

Worship – Exalting God together. We believe worship is a lifestyle wherein we bring glory to God in response to His mercy and grace to us as the apostle Paul urges us in Romans Chapter 12.

Instruction – Studying to know, understand and obey God’s truth. Allowing the Bible to shape us. This is the personal priority of each individual. As the prophet Jeremiah said ” I took those words and I ate them…”

Community – Sharing our lives with one another. This is perhaps the best way to get to know God more. God more as individuals become part of the church body.

Prayer – Acknowledging our dependence on Him to accomplish the mission He has given us. Dependance in all things should be a way of life.

Service – Fulfilling our call to prepare people. To be a community of servants

Stewardship – Managing what we have for maximum investment in God’s kingdom. Not to be possessive or acquisitive but to see that we have everything on loan. Stewardship also extends to our willingness to use the gifts that God has given to each of us.