Bible Translation

Enjoying the newly translated Luke’s Gospel

The Bamunka language, spoken by just 30,000 people, was not written down before the Bamunka Bible Translation project started, so no-one knew what the alphabet would look like, which way words would be spelt and how the grammar would work.

When the basics were decided, key people then had to be taught how to read and write their own mother tongue. Only then could Bible translation begin and literacy teachers start classes for adults and children, using primers written in Bamunka.

Nearly seventeen years on, the Gospel of Luke is published, there is a draft of the whole New Testament and there is a self-sustaining literacy programme.

The area is now in a war zone and much prayer is needed as the work continues under very difficult conditions.

Work on the Bamunka New Testament is far advanced and final checks are now being carried out. We are praying that 2022 will be the year that it is published. Pray for wisdom, persistence and joy as we complete this task!