Get together to learn and share!

“Do you want to meet up with other Christians, spend time together, learn from the Bible, learn from each other? Currently, we have opportunities to do so on Zoom and in-person, as follows (contact the leader by phone or text where a Zoom invitation is needed):

Day When? Where? What? Leader Contact number
Monday 7.30 pm Zoom Book of Daniel Pat 086-604 8533
Tuesday 7.30 pm Zoom Review of Sunday’s message Phil 087-948 0342
Tuesday 7.45 pm In-person at Grace 1 John Mark 087-991 8152

But maybe you you simply want to ask questions about God, the Bible, Christianity? Then contact us using the form below and tell us what you would like.

You can use the form below to send us a message or ask us a question about our studies.

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