Spiritual resources

Scripture tells us “Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days” (Eph 5.16 NLT). Many of us have opportunities at this time which we would not have dreamed about even a month ago.

Read the Bible and pray to get to know God better.   
He is intimately involved in our hopes and concerns!

So why not use the opportunity to listen to, and read, encouraging and challenging Christian  material which directly addresses the situation in which we find ourselves.

Can I suggest the following resources

  • Follow the links under the Resources/other resources tab on this site  to other churches in Ireland. Many will have organised podcasts and you can benefit from their ministry.
  • the Gospel Coalition have a great set of resources at this location which includes some of the material below.

To be more specific, I highly recommend three podcasts by John Piper, which are about 15 minutes in length. The text of the podcast is also on the site, if you prefer to read it.

The following articles are also helpful

Come What May: Finding Patience and Joy in a Slow Calamity, by David Mathis

I commend the following from Desiring God ministries, written by Marshall Segal: What Courage Might Corona Unleash

Finally, if you want something longer to watch, Timothy Keller speaks for about 45 minutes on Peace in Times of Suffering and Uncertainty and this is followed by 45 minutes of questions and answers.

He also has a series of 10-15 minute devotions entitled Trusting God in Difficult Times. Highly recommended

May God bless you as you meditate on his goodness and grace and his keeping power in these challenging times

Jon Blackwell