Posted by George Morrison

Ocean Grave                   Word on the Week                     24th June 2023.

This week tragedy befell the submersible, Ocean Gate, when it imploded deep under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.   Sadly, for the brave passengers, their expedition to the hulk of the Titanic was cut short with the loss of all on board.  

They understood the risks.   Indeed, it was partly the risks which drew them into the expedition.   The submersible had been there twice before.   As they signed the waiver (relieving others of responsibility) the high octane thrill of risk would have coursed through their veins.

Mountaineers know all about it as indeed do those ground breaking astronauts who hitch a ride on a rocket to outer space.    But while we have conquered mountains and somewhat conquered space, the ocean depth is proving more challenging for the present.

Not that there is a lot to see down there!   The expedition was bound for the wreck of the Titanic, itself a graveyard for many of its passengers and crew. One theory is that the previous trips had weakened the carbon fibre hull which collapsed under the extreme pressure of the ocean depth.   In true adventurer fashion the man who warned against repeated use of the craft was fired and further testing dispensed with!

But those who perished were by no means the first to ignore lifesaving advice.   The Bible tells us of one, Jesus, who descended from heaven to the lower earthly regions on a rescue mission – that the Gospel may be known through all the earth (Ephesians 4 verse 9).

He also knew what it was like to have good advice ignored by those who should have known better (St John 5 verses 36 to 40).   It’s not knowledge that we lack, it is the recognition that we can do nothing on our own.   We are dependent on our ‘mother ship’ not the Polar Prince but the Lord Jesus Christ.

We learn that the submersible lost contact with the mother ship when they descended into the abyss.   The Bible, referring to fruitful lives, states that without Jesus we can do nothing (St John 15 verse 5).   When we stop praying and reading the Bible we so easily lose contact with Jesus and imagine we can handle things on our own.

‘Light of the world You stepped down into darkness
Open my eyes let me see
Beauty that made this heart adore you
Hope of a life spent with you.’

Chris Tomlin’s song is a prayer for that communication which is the Christians life.   By faith in Jesus it can be yours.