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February 3, 2024

Brigid 1500

Brigid 1500                     Word on the Week                      3rd February 2024. In creating a Public Holiday as a ‘thank you’ to a long-suffering population during the Covid epidemic the Government decided on 1st February.   Traditionally this is the first day of Spring.   It is also celebrated as St Brigid’s Day.   This year is claimed to be […]

January 27, 2024

Lost Things

Lost Things                      Word on the Week                     27th January 2024. One of the features in this life of ours that will increase as the years go by is the propensity to lose things!    The other thing is the gravity of the losses seem to increase in importance till finding the lost thing becomes crucial to our […]

January 6, 2024

Pilgrim Paths

Pilgrim Paths                   Word on the Week                     6th January 2024. This week some of our younger members of the family enjoyed the rigours of a few days in a cottage in Donegal with time to explore the beauties of that County in Winter.   Their pouring over maps on their return reminded me of a time when […]

December 30, 2023

Reflection 2023

Reflection 2023                    Word on the Week                30th December 2023. Let’s do it differently.   Instead of a Crystal Ball let’s use a mirror!   Let’s see if we can find faith.   The image reflected back spells ‘doubt’.   The Bible says “the righteous shall live by faith” (Romans 1 verse 17) so we had better find faith.   […]

December 23, 2023

The Eternal Word

The Eternal Word        Word on the Week       23rd December 2023. The Word on the week is about to ‘come out’.   He has always existed! We first learn of Him in Genesis chapter 1 as the author of creation. John’s Gospel chapter 1 verse 3 simply says ‘He made it all’. The Gospel goes on […]

December 9, 2023

Food at Christmas

Food at Christmas           Word on the Week                     9th December 2023. This is the time of year that food comes into its own.   Turkey and ham with sprouts etc. followed by a plumb pudding with a sprig of holly on top.   Sometimes we venture into more exotic dishes and sample foods seldom eaten except on birthdays. […]

December 2, 2023

Musk Unmasked

Musk Unmasked              Word on the Week                     2nd December 2023. Elon Musk planned to turn Twitter into the marketplace of ideas, a bastion of free speech but something has gone sadly wrong.   It was always going to be a high wire act having public space in private hands but then Elon Musk could be the man […]

November 11, 2023

Kingdoms Collide

Kingdoms Collide            Word on the Week                     11th November 2023. The 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month in the year 1919 the first armistice day was held in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.   Optimistically, it was to commemorate the war to ‘end all wars’!   It is now known as Remembrance Day in […]

November 4, 2023

AI at Bletchley Park

AI at Bletchley Park                 Word on the Week                 4th November 2023. This week the great and the good showed up at Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, the home of the UK principal centre of Allied code-breaking.  It became famous after WW2 having previously been kept secret. Its purpose today was not so much code-breaking […]

October 28, 2023


Halloween                            Word on the Week          28th October 2023. The name Hallowe’en comes from All Hallows’ Eve. It appears on the traditional church calendar, as the eve of All Saints’ Day. It arrives next Tuesday 31 st October the day Protestants remember Martin Luther’s spectacularly triggering of the reformation. On 1 st November, faithful Catholics will […]

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