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October 16, 2021

Once a Male…

Once a Male…                 Word on the Week              16th October 2021. Once a male (or female) always a male!   God has not granted us the ability of choice in the matter.    This was a shortened version of the message spelled out by Lord Robert Winston on the Thursday night’s BBC Question Time. It’s not as […]

October 2, 2021

Clash of the Ash

Clash of the Ash        Word on the Week                 2nd October 2021. The familiar sound of the clash of the Ash as the hurley’s come into contact with each other may be under threat.    The preferred timber from which they are made is our native species of European Ash.   It is under attack from a […]

September 25, 2021

The Sermon

The Sermon                     Word on the Week                     25th September 2021. Most, if not all, religious groups which take the Bible as one of their guides produce a homily, sermon or prophetic word which becomes the main vehicle through which the people are spiritually fed.   You might say it is a true “Word for the Week” as […]

September 18, 2021

Women Today

Women Today                       Word on the Week                   18th September 2021. When the Lord God created male and female he made them equal in his sight.   They differed by design and in the role designed for them (Genesis Chapter 1 verses 27 and 28).    They were made to complement each other in a monogamous marital relationship […]

September 11, 2021

Anniversary of 9/11

Anniversary of 9/11                    Word on the Week          11th September 2021. Church bells are sounding in various parts of the world but nowhere more poignantly than New York.   On this the 20th anniversary of the most dreadful attack on America many accounts are being shared not only of the loss of life but the terrible mental […]

September 4, 2021

Swallows and Martins

Swallows and Martins         Word on the Week       4th September 2021. The annual gathering of these birds is in full swing.   They start the day with a magnificent display of flying as they catch insects on the wing.  This food frenzy continues with the birds flying very low in damp rainy weather or […]

August 28, 2021

Paralympic Games

Paralympic Games               Word on the Week               28th August 2021. The Paralympic Games commenced this week following the Olympics as is their custom.   Tokyo, the venue, is suffering from the effects of Covid so crowds are sparse.  This has not affected the enthusiasm of the contestants! The Games owe their origin to Sir Ludwig […]

August 21, 2021

God’s Everlasting Love

God’s Everlasting Love             Word on the Week          21st August 2021. This week, for many, the world must seem to be an increasingly alien place.   There are effects of global warming, the conquest of Islam and the pandemic that will not go away all causing some to despair.  We need to look into the heavenlies for […]

August 7, 2021


Imagine                            Word on the Week                     7th August 2021. The late John Lennon’s humanist hymn “Imagine” has become a regular at the Olympics.   This is the 5th games in which it has been sung.   Some will recall Lennon dressed in white at a white baby grand piano in a large white room of his mansion with […]

July 31, 2021

Holiday Season

Holiday Season                          Word on the Week                     31st July 2021. It’s that time of year when cities empty out and the flight to the country begins. Staycations not vacations have become the watchword in these Covid constricted times.   In the midst of the joyful scamper to the seaside pity the poor President who […]

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