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February 2024
February 24, 2024

To God be the Glory

To God be the Glory            Word on the Week                24th February 2024. Seeing God’s hand on a work is not always apparent until time filters out the incidental from the important.   So it has been with Jon and Sandra Blackwell’s search for God’s mission field for them.   The initial decisions came slowly.  First the […]

February 17, 2024

Alexei Navalny

Alexei Navalny                      Word on the Week               17th February 2024. Alexei Navalny died this week.   He is the most recent and perhaps the best known of Putin’s political enemies.   He loved Russia and held to a vision of a future time when his beloved Russia would be free.    The 47-year-old blogger had survived poisoning attempts […]

February 10, 2024

New Life

New Life                           Word on the Week                     10th February 2024. One of the joys that light up our spinney is the bursting forth of the snowdrop. They have to penetrate a mat of ground ivy to reach the light of day.  These plants which the poet Thomas Tickell, who lived in Glasnevin, Dublin, (on land which […]

February 3, 2024

Brigid 1500

Brigid 1500                     Word on the Week                      3rd February 2024. In creating a Public Holiday as a ‘thank you’ to a long-suffering population during the Covid epidemic the Government decided on 1st February.   Traditionally this is the first day of Spring.   It is also celebrated as St Brigid’s Day.   This year is claimed to be […]