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June 17, 2023
June 24, 2023

Ocean Grave

Ocean Grave                   Word on the Week                     24th June 2023. This week tragedy befell the submersible, Ocean Gate, when it imploded deep under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.   Sadly, for the brave passengers, their expedition to the hulk of the Titanic was cut short with the loss of all on board.   They understood the risks.   […]

June 17, 2023

Pride Month

Pride Month                     Word on the Week                     17th June 2023. Indicative of the long way the LGBT community have come in Ireland is the fact of June being designated as their month.   It is interesting to see the name ‘pride’ has been adopted to give those involved a feeling of self-worth. Perhaps it has been […]

June 3, 2023

It’s an Ill Weather

It’s an Ill Weather                   Word on the Week                         3rd June 2023. It’s an ill weather, (or is it wind?) that does nobody any good!   Like underachieving children our Government makes climate promises which go unfilled.  In this case the promises of a carbon-free future are not enough to focus our minds on the […]