The Word on the Week

Yes, Prime Minister

Yes, Prime Minister                   Word on the Week                    9th July 2022.

The popular BBC comedy programme of yesteryear, Yes, Prime Minister, became “No”, Prime Minister this week as Boris Johnson ran out of credibility!   He resigned Office but as a parting gesture decided to stay at his post till a successor is appointed!

The honourable thing would have been to go but Boris has never let honourable things get in the way of him retaining power.   Previously when things have looked bad for him along has come a crisis which has taken the focus off his troubles.   This week he himself became the crisis!

So what will become of him?   The 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers are meeting on Monday to consider changing the rules and have a second vote of ‘no confidence’ on Boris.   Having survived the first one in recent weeks the Rules of the House do not permit a second challenge within 12 months!  

When rule was made it was never envisaged that the resigning party would remain in office but hand over to the deputy Prime Minister who would take his place.   In order to dislodge Boris, we may see this rule changed!

So where do we look for a successor?   We do not have very far to look.   The Members of Parliament are eager to fill the top job each out for him/herself!

What did Jesus say when faced with the ambition of James and John, the sons of Zebedee (St Mark Chapter 10 verses 35 to 45)?  

The contrast between them could hardly have been more different.   He had come to give and to serve; they wanted to get and to rule!   Their selfishness was breath-taking; they wanted to sit at Jesus’ side bypassing the cross and entering the glory!

Of course they were after power.   Who isn’t?  It requires sanctified flesh to covet the lowest place.   They were still carnal, following the way of the world.  Hadn’t they given up lots of things to follow Him?   Now was the payback time!

They thought the cup and baptism that Jesus offered was some messianic banquet not suffering and the cross!    Their eyes were on the honour, security and power of the ‘ruler’ whereas Jesus was offering sacrifice, service and suffering.

In case any of his disciples have missed the point Jesus spells it out; “Not this way among you” (Verses 42-43).   He goes on to illustrate servanthood by paying for his people’s sins on the cross.   Thus liberated we are saved to serve.

Of course the Church cannot impose her standards on government but by adopting them and living them out, the world may see what following Jesus means.   The UK might even get a Godly Prime Minister!