The Word on the Week

Word or World

In a recent speech in Edinburgh Mary McAleese our former President `outed` the Scottish Cardinal O’Brien who had resigned, apparently when some priests threatened to expose him, last year.

Mrs McAleese had the naive idea that the Cardinal should have held his ground and thus show support for the many gay priests in the ranks of the church.

This is just the most recent trumpet blast of the liberal agenda. These people have succeeded in making waves right across the Western world labelling any who would oppose them as homophobic.

In Ireland their agenda rolls on. They have succeeded in changing the abortion law using the Halappanavar case, (paying scant regard to the facts), to gain support for the theory that we need liberal abortion laws to become a modern state, free from the shackles of church governance.

Emboldened by the current climate a gay priest claims today that teaching on sexuality needs re-casting. For guidance he suggests that we may look to science, psychology and experience. Apparently he believes that this way would lead to more compassion. Presumably he wants his behaviour to be condoned.

Those who believe the Bible recognise the Adamic nature – they are all too familiar with it in themselves. The desire to re-make the rules to sanction gay behaviour might suit one person. Another might say he is fed up using self restraint and would like to sanction adultery. The net result is “Everyone did as he saw fit” Judges Chapter 17 verse 6.

How then should we live? We will either be moulded by the Word or the world. The two are at enmity with one another, John chapter 17 verses 14/17. We are not to cherry-pick the verses to obey. As St Peter put it “They stumbled at the word being disobedient” 1Peter Chapter 2 verse 8. But when we stumble it’s not the Word that needs to change it’s us.

The major change takes place when we realise our foolishness and repent turning from our own will to follow Christ. The Holy Spirit then enables us to submit to the word and lead lives characterised by obedience. This new found obedience Jesus said is indicative of our love for Him. St John Chapter 14 verse 15.

Whose agenda are you following? The Word or the Worlds’. You cannot opt for both.