The Word on the Week


Unplanned                            Word on the Week                          5th October 2019.

It was with considerable distress that I read this week the largest cause of death globally is not any disease but is abortion.    The film ‘Unplanned’ which was showing in a few cinemas this week has not received much publicity as ironically cinemas would fear to host it in case they incur the wrath of the pro-choice lobby.

What is this film which has caused such consternation?    It is a simple story of Abby Johnson’s ceasing to work for ‘Planned Parenthood’ and becoming an advocate for the ‘Pro-life’ movement.    This changing of sides occurred when she was invited to assist in an actual abortion and she noticed that the baby, seen on the monitor screen, was alive at 13 weeks of age.

In her job she had been told to reassure mothers that the child they were carrying was unable to feel a thing was really a lump of tissue.   One day Abby was asked to assist in the abortion procedure and while watching the progress of the catheter on the ultra sound screen she saw the child move away from the invading instrument.   As it wriggled to get away it was then she realised there was a struggle for survival going on before her eyes.

Actress Ashley Bracher, who plays the part of Abby, had often been told her by her mother that her elder sibling had been aborted.    What she didn’t know, until a phone call from her mother during the shooting of the film, was that she herself had had a narrow escape.    When mother was pregnant with Ashley she returned to the clinic and was on the table and within seconds of the procedure starting when she got up and walked out of the clinic.   She had no Idea why she did this but Ashley, who is a believer, now understands why!

Children in the Bible are looked upon as gifts from God.   Their birth is a cause of rejoicing (Genesis Chapter 4 verses 1 and 2).    Their arrival was looked upon as the Lord showing favour (Psalm 127 Verse 3).   Their absence was a matter for mourning (1 Samuel Chapter 1 verses 5 to 20).    And their growth in the womb was something planned which evoked the peoples praises Psalm 137verses 13 to 16).

When Jesus came into the world it was to destroy the works of the devil and through his death and resurrection provide a way of escape for all who believe.   The devil deals in death and these days he has many helpers (Hebrews Chapter 2 verses 14 to 17 and St John Chapter 8 verse 44).

Let us pray that this film, which is on global release, will succeed in helping to break the grip abortion has on our society.