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Planning Tribunal Postscript

The fairytale ending! Every guilty person a winner! All legal and other expenses covered by the Taxpayer! ‘Good names’ restored – there may even be grounds for compensation!

The law is an ass!

How did it come to this? What seemed a good idea in January 1999 brought the Flood Tribunal later to become the Mahon Tribunal to naught.

Flood’s ruling, that came back to haunt them, was to only circulate documents to other parties when he found them to be relevant to an issue.

Over the long life of the Tribunal the edited bits accumulated and it was only after the work was completed that lawyers for those found to be corrupt requested access to the unedited version.

When the missing bits were examined they showed the main whistleblowers had made ‘wild’ accusations against other prominent businessmen which were cut out of the evidence. Had these accusations been aired they would have raised questions regarding the truthfulness of the whistleblowers’ other evidence.

So the great Tribunal game comes to an end and all the material goes back into the box. Reputations restored, bank balances no longer under threat and a hush descends as the Taxpayers wait to see if the players will have the temerity to look for damages! So far it has cost around €159,000,000.

Perhaps someone like Christy Moore will encapsulate it all in a ballad!

None of this would take Bible readers by surprise. Sin is universal. We are born that way since the fall and, not surprisingly, sinners sin (Romans Chapter 3 verse 23).

Whether it is the telling of lies to hide unpalatable facts or the concealing of truth to mislead, we are all guilty before the bar of God.

Some try to deny God’s existence when they cannot deny sins existence and say that they do not recognise Him. Well He recognises us! There is no hiding place that man can create on earth. But God has created one in Christ as the poet so eloquently puts it: –

Rock of Ages, cleft for me,

Hide me now my refuge be;

Let the water and the blood,

From thy wounded side which flowed,

Be of sin the double cure,

Save from wrath and make me pure.

Because of Jesus restoration is possible. All debts cancelled and our good name re-established (Isaiah Chapter 1 verse 18). Trust Him.