The Word on the Week

Lord’s Table

Lord’s Table                           Word on the Week                          6th July 2019.

The regular task of preparing the bread for the Lord’s Table made me think about the wisdom of the ordinance being repeated regularly.  We forget so easily.  The first recorded incident of Sunday worship including, or possibly composed entirely of, the Lord’s Table took place at Troas. (Acts Chapter 20 verse 7).  

We sometimes overlook the momentous nature of the change from the Passover celebration which had its central place in the Old Covenant (Exodus Chapter 12 verse 14) to the Lord’s Table with its central place in the New Covenant (St Matthew Chapter 26 verses 26/29).   

The change from a lamb killed and its blood saving the people of God who took shelter under it as the angel of death ‘passed-over’ their houses; to the Lamb of God – Jesus – killed and his blood now ransoming the people of God to this day (1 Peter Chapter 1 verses 18/19).  

There is continuity and completion.   Continuity in the blood of the sacrifice being spread over the wooden doorposts of the Israelites houses to the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ which stained the wooden cross on which he died (1 Corinthians Chapter 11 verses 24/5).   The first, the illustration.   The second the thing being illustrated.  Two pivotal events, separated by many centuries, but inexorably coming to fruition in the plan and purpose of God.

The completion is in the work of Christ finished on the cross (St John Chapter 19 verse 30).   The sin of all God’s people had been atoned for.   The ransom had been paid in full (St Mark Chapter 10 verse 45).   The offering of Himself, by its very nature, could only be made once (Hebrews Chapter 10 verses 12/14).   The work of salvation has been accomplished.

The Lord’s Table in Church is the divine reminder for us to re-focus our thoughts on the emblems of Christ’s death, which was for us.   This is not a re-enactment of Christ’s sacrifice but a reminder that we owe our forgiveness and status as the people of God entirely to Jesus.

The Lord’s Table is a temporary meal.   One day there will be no need of it.   That will be when Jesus returns (1 Corinthians Chapter 11 verse 26).   Then instead of the Lord’s Table we will have the ‘Marriage feast of the Lamb’ to look forward to (Revelation Chapter 19 verse 7).     Till then we rejoice in our living and reigning Saviour.