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Browne’s Bible Bashing

In an article under the heading “Bible not the rule book on gay marriage” the Journalist poured scorn on Archbishop Diarmuid Martin quoting from Genesis.

In response to a question, sparked from Obama’s declaration in favour of gay marriage, as to what his view might be he replied, “the church’s teaching on the sanctity of marriage between man and woman was clear, unchangeable and dated from the biblical account in the Book of Genesis of Adam and Eve”.

This answer was not to Vincent Browne’s liking and he proposed using “arguments based on principles that we presume all agree upon, such as freedom of speech, at least a minimal commitment to the idea of equality, to democratic values, to respect for others”. These he preferred to texts taken from any of the religious books of the world faiths.

He then took us on a selective tour of Genesis proving, at least to his own satisfaction, just how bad it was, or as he put it, “nowadays we would find these stories morally and politically repulsive”.

He should have read on – it gets worse! Not only does the Bible say that homosexual relationships are sinful heterosexual relationships are also sinful (Romans chapter 1 verses 26-32 and chapter 3 verse 10). Marriage provides a safe place for the latter but also a place where the truth of the Genesis chapter 3’s conflict over roles is worked out in ways where sin is not always absent. Marriage breakdown is a witness to this fact.

Our problems cannot be solved by legislation. The law simply adds more prohibitions to curb human traits. Browne’s principles sound fine till you realise that they are seldom displayed in any of the TV programme which he chairs!

None of us are able to maintain our own standards. Our problems go far deeper that that. It’s the heart that’s wrong. We need a love that transforms us.

Rule books don’t teach how to love. We need one who loved so much he laid down his life for even his enemies.

The hymn-writer wrote of Jesus:

In my place condemned he stood,

Paid my pardon with his blood

Hallelujah what a Saviour.

And who by his Holy Spirit is capable of drawing the most unlikely ones to himself even arrogant journalists and egotistical bloggers!