The Word on the Week

Ace of Trumps

He played his ace and won the game. There was no need to revert to plan B which would have contested the result had Hillary won. If you are a bridge player, he won the rubber or if tennis is your game the match was over with a straight ace.
The appeal direct to the marginalised and largely ignored masses was heard and understood. This man was outside the political elite. He was a one-off. The defence mounted by the status quo i.e. Hillary was carrying the baggage of her husband’s history plus her blunders in office and it proved too heavy a burden.
Much has been written as to whether Donald will be different in office to the Donald who proved to be so adroit at handling the electioneering. I don’t think so. Will he be wise enough to surround himself with good advisers? I think he will. But will he take their advice? I am not so sure!
Self-made men find it hard to hear what they see as lesser mortals say, especially when it contradict their gut reaction. It is that gut reaction which, according to Donald, has served him so well in business which he brings with him into the political sphere. The difference is that in politics decisions can change the lives of millions for good or ill. It’s no accident that the Emperor was worshipped in the Roman world. Although that power today is hedged about by laws there is only one finger on the nuclear button!
So what controlling influences could be attributed to Donald? We have learned he went to the same church as Norman Vincent Peale and embraced the ideas in his book, “The Power of Positive Thinking”. Some of the results may be scene in his successful business deals. There is no evidence that Scripture is the controlling influence in his life whereas that may be the case with Mike Pence, his Vice President elect.
When Jesus was confronted by Pilot, the all-powerful Roman Governor of Israel, who explained in simple language that he had the power to have him killed, Jesus replied “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above” (St John Chapter 19 verse 11). Authority on earth comes from God. We are to obey the government and pray for those in authority and if you find that hard just think what it must have seemed like to those in 1st century Rome! (Romans Chapter 13 verses 1 – 5).
The most sublime example of ultimate power under total control is that of Christ on the Cross. The ability to pray for the forgiveness of those who were crucifying him (St Luke Chapter 23 verse 34). Power which does not acknowledge that it comes from God will always be defective being centred on man. Let us pray the America will remember the founding fathers motto and put into practice “In God we Trust”.