Posted by George Morrison

Michael was a performer whose musicianship and agility put him in a class of his own. Self-styled the “King of Pop” he broke many records and created many incidents in a life hounded by the media. Even his death last Thursday is shrouded in intrigue. His professional career started at age 11 with other members of his family and at 13 his talent was such that he went solo. He missed out on childhood and tried in vain to regain it through his “Neverland” ranch, pet zoos and children’s playgrounds. His brilliant footwork when he “moon walked” in “Billie Jean” incurred many a sprained ankle as fans tried to copy him. Fortunately the fans didn’t try to copy his many facial makeovers! Financial pressures are thought to have been behind his planned London concert in July. This was the first big event for a long time and all the 750,000 tickets for the 5 nights had been sold. The pressure on this perfectionist must have been intense and with the stress his emaciated body seems to have succumbed. He was not known to look after himself and despite the attendance of his private doctor it seems that his heart gave up. What can we learn from this talented life lived largely in the media spotlight? Perhaps the first thing is the lesson Moses learned that glory fades. The radiance on his mountaintop experience did not last. Likewise talents are not intended to last forever. Comeback concerts rarely work. The question is how to make the most of talents while we’ve got them? The Bible’s view is that we were designed to be under authority. We lack the power to control ourselves. Even Jesus when on earth submitted to the Father’s will – “for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me”. When we acknowledge Jesus as our Lord we are simply recognising the need to turn from our own ways and surrender the control of our life to his ways. The psalmist put it simply “The Lord is my shepherd”. Hand your talents back to God in prayer that he may use them to his glory. Your life of service will truly satisfy as you submit to his word and his ways.