Posted by George Morrison

I think it was Aneurin Bevan who, when a UK cabinet Minister, dreamt of purchasing a rail ticket from Waterloo Station to anywhere in the world without the need for a passport. This last week it almost required a passport to get into the Dublin Passport Office such was the queue created by the current strike! No doubt Bevan would have agreed with the monetary nature of the strike despite the fact that the people most hurt by it were the people he wanted to protect. Fortunately, this week, as our thoughts focus on the cross of Christ and his resurrection, they point the way to heaven. No purchase of a passport is required. The free invitation of Jesus encapsulated in Joseph Hart’s hymn puts it together for us. Come you needy, come and welcome; God’s free bounty glorify; True belief and true repentance, every grace that brings you nigh. Without money, without money come to Jesus Christ and buy.  Come you weary, heavy laden, bruised and broken by the fall, If you tarry till you’re better, you will never come at all. Not the righteous, not the righteous; sinners Jesus came to call.  Let not conscience make you linger, nor of fitness fondly dream. All the fitness he requires is to feel your need of Him. This He gives you, this He gives you, ‘tis the Spirit’s rising beam.  So what is the passport to heaven? For those who respond to the Spirit’s promptings the scene changes from looking at self to looking to the Saviour.  View Him prostrate in the garden, on the ground your Maker lies On the awful tree behold Him; hear Him cry before He dies, It is finished! Sinner, will not this suffice?  Lo, the incarnate God ascended, pleads the merit of His blood; Venture on Him, venture wholly, Let no other trust intrude; None but Jesus can do helpless sinners good.  Aneurin Bevan’s dream may never become a reality but those whose trust is in Jesus can travel with Him for time and eternity. Jesus said that journey can begin right now! The Father loves the Son and has given all things into his hand. Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him. Gospel of John Chapter 3 verses 35-36.