Posted by George Morrison

Once a Male…                 Word on the Week              16th October 2021.

Once a male (or female) always a male!   God has not granted us the ability of choice in the matter.    This was a shortened version of the message spelled out by Lord Robert Winston on the Thursday night’s BBC Question Time.

It’s not as if Robert Winston is a novice in the gender business.   He is known for his pioneering work in the study of fertility and has become a leading voice for science through presenting TV shows, including The Human Body and Child of Our Time.   He is based at Genesis Research Trust, which is part of Imperial College London, and is the largest collaboration of reproductive health researchers in the UK.

Robert has argued that the sex of the person is part of them in a variety of manners.  For instance, it is represented in every single cell of your body.   He has also argued that there is a need to have an open discussion on biological science, something that appears to be difficult in todays’ climate.  In fact, Robert anticipated receiving hate mail for the brief comments he made.

As one commentator put it, “When stating biological facts on TV is an act of bravery, you know something is going horribly wrong”.

In fact, he was defending the views of Kathleen Stock a professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex. She has published academic work on aesthetics, fiction, imagination, sexual objectification, and sexual orientation. Her public opposition to gender self-identification has become a contentious issue.  

She comes from Scotland where gender fluidity has reached a crisis point where the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, advocates changing your birth certificate in line with your new self-identification.    A ‘DIY’ job!

What is going on?   When ideologies are mistaken for truth people act out a lie.   They ignore the science when it suits them and becoming intoxicated with the new freedoms that try to remove any trace of God.

Conscience may confirm we are made in God’s image and the Psalmist was right when he said he was “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Chapter 139 verse 14).   We have seen the rebellion against God’s ways raised to new levels in recent times as laws enact liberal ways with few, if any, challenging them. Only conversion to Christ of the whole person, however named, can create a new life.   It requires a coming to Jesus, as you are, and in prayer ask Him to bring you into his family (St John Chapter 1 verse 12).   Leave your pride behind and let the Holy Spirit renew you day by day till you meet Jesus in heaven