Posted by George Morrison

Independence – the Holy Grail           Word on the Week           8th May 2021.

From the age when humans begin to crawl the quest for independence begins!   Later it becomes “I will manage on my own”.   And later still changes to the unspoken “I want my own way”!

The current elections in Wales and Scotland are likely to see a strengthening of the Nationalist parties – each wishing to shake off the governing influence of England.   In these post steel manufacture and post oil extraction days the desire to go separate ways smacks of ‘biting the hand that feeds you’.

A similar attitude applies in Northern Ireland where the Unionist desire to remain attached to England ignores the many of the facts of geography and history.  

Of course there is a place for Patriotism.    Individual Nation States have much to be proud of.   It requires considerable ‘give and take’ abilities to get along with your neighbouring State to which the Bible would add the virtue of love!

Israel was never the shining example to the other Nations that God intended.   Moses quoted the prophesy given to Abraham that through his seed all Nations would be blessed (Genesis Chapter 12 verse 3).   But before this happened Israel was to occupy the land God gave them for the purpose of being a witness to the surrounding Nations who would marvel at the wisdom of the Mosaic laws and revere the God who gave them (Deuteronomy Chapter 4 verses 5 to 8).

It was through Isaiah the prophet that Israel was given the promise of a Servant who would be a light to the (Gentiles) other Nations (Isaiah chapter 42 verses 1 to 7).    There would also be a New Covenant in Jesus’s blood which fulfilled the Mosaic laws and made repentance and forgiveness available to the Nations (St Luke Chapters 22 verse 20 & 24 verse 47).

The bursting out of this ‘light’ is well documented in the Book of Acts.   In its global dimension mentioned in (St John Chapter 8 verse12) Jesus claims the title of ‘Light of the World’.   There are no excluded races.  Rich and poor are included.

The wonderful thing about light is that you cannot add to it.   It is complete!   Jesus salvation is complete (Acts Chapter 4 verse 12).   What we do have is light-blockers!     The Apostle John gives us our instructions as to how to deal with them and personally walk in the light. (1John Chapter 1 verses 5 to 7).  

Those called to govern need our prayers that they too may see the light and lead by their example so that there may be a harmony in these Islands which would make the world take notice that we are following Jesus.