Posted by George Morrison

In the Year of our Lord        Word on the Week                 7th January 2023.

Yes, it is 2023!    And have we indulged in that ego-centred practice of making any New Year’s resolutions?   In our self-focus we can easily lose sight of what we are here for – ‘To glorify God and enjoy Him forever’ – as the Westminster Catechism puts it.   But what does it mean?

For some, as depicted in a TV programme of the Inner Hebrides shown last night it is the magnificent scenery.   It was said to offer a spirituality.   When examined further this spirituality was attributed to the place which was ‘thin’.  That is the boundary between the spiritual and the real is very small.   It is further claimed there are a number of these places of which the island of Iona is one.

Many of us would avoid such spirituality but find an attraction to the beauty of God’s creation which goes beyond enjoyment.   It can become a place where we are, like Nathaniel under the fig tree – trysting place with Jesus (John Chapter 1 verses 48 to 50).  

The apex of creation is man or to use his Biblical name Adam.   The text reads: So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them. (Genesis chapter 1 verse 27).

It is important in our love for creation that we understand we are made in our Makers image.   It is even more important in today’s Ireland that we understand God created two categories recognised by their names ‘male’ and ‘female’.

It used to be called secular humanism but now it has gone much further and has become cultural Marxism.   In the latter the emphasises of the culture is to do away with the traditional family, remove the two genders by making gender fluid and nullify the authority of the church by, among other things, recreating man in their image and having abortion legalised! 

How do you change a culture?   Start with the young!   Get your ideology into the schools at an early age.   Introduce a new authority (the teacher) in the child’s life whereby the parent is not told about gender matters, at least not the personal ones concerning their body.      

The absence of the preaching of the Word as far as the vast majority is concerned makes these major changes relatively easy to introduce.   

How do we Glorify God?   When we obey Him.   When did Jesus glorify God?  When He went to the cross (John Chapter 17).   How do we enjoy Him?   By loving Him in every circumstance (Psalm 73 verses 25/26).