Posted by George Morrison

Christianity: Problem or Solution         Word on the Week           22nd Oct.2022.

Of course Christianity is a problem!   Any religion that invites its followers to come and die is going to have to work hard in the marketplace of ideas!   Following Christ is not some sort of weekly outing but involves submitting to Dr Luke’s daily dose (St Luke Chapter 9 verse 23).

Because Jesus never invited anyone to follow Him under a deception he is always seen at first by sinners as a threat.    This makes us want to hide from Him or oppose Him. We resist the witness of his followers and spend much time making up hard questions to defend ourselves.

Some sadly maintain a hard exterior throughout their lives.   They say that they have been dealt a bad hand, or that childhood abuse corrupted their path.   Others have it easy and it seems that fortune has shined on them.  In consequence they are also able to resist the universal need for God.

It should come as no surprise to find the church, where it seeks to live by the Word of God, has to contend with ongoing opposition.   This can come from a number of sources with the destruction of the church as their common aim.  Behind the persecution lies the powers of darkness against which the church has been given Spiritual armour to wear (Ephesians Chapter 6 verses 10 to 18).

Of course there are counterfeit solutions to the problem the confessing church presents to society.   One is offered in John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’.   He imagines no heaven, no hell, no country to fight for.   Only people living for today, no religion to fight about, nothing to kill or die for, then the world would live as one!    Lennon’s robotic world hasn’t much to live for either!

One of the first to cross the divide between religion and freedom in Christ was Saul of Tarsus.   He had a world class religion in Judaism and was not going to let any puny cult of Christians spoil it.   That was his hard exterior.   He agonised under Stephen’s testimony and broke under Christ’s questioning voice (Acts Chapter 7 verses 58 to 60 and Chapter 9 verses 4 to 19).

The battle that raged in Saul has raged in countless souls since.   It has divided societies and churches and will continue to do so till the Lord returns.

Christianity, the problem or the solution?   Ever since the victory at Calvary followed by the resurrection from the dead, the presence of a living Saviour has inspired His church in the world.   The Holy Spirit has sealed believers creating a living church which will withstand the gates of hell presenting the ultimate solution to mankind’s problems (St Matthew Chapter 16 verse 18).