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October 1, 2022

Guilt and Shame

Guilt and Shame             Word on the Week                     1st October 2022. Like the proverbial albatross around one’s neck, guilt and shame stick like glue.  It is easy to identify with the plaintive cry of despair, which is the strapline to this week’s searching question – “Will I ever be good enough”? Many religions have arrangements […]

September 24, 2022

Is There Anyone Out There?

Is There Anyone Out There?   Word on the Week   24th September 2022. There is the amusing story of the rock climber stuck on the cliff face who called out “Is there anyone out there”.   A voice responded, “Let go!”   After a lengthy consideration of the reply he asked, “Is there anyone else out there?” […]

July 9, 2022

Yes, Prime Minister

Yes, Prime Minister                   Word on the Week                    9th July 2022. The popular BBC comedy programme of yesteryear, Yes, Prime Minister, became “No”, Prime Minister this week as Boris Johnson ran out of credibility!   He resigned Office but as a parting gesture decided to stay at his post till a successor is appointed! The honourable […]

July 2, 2022

Do not be like them

Do not be like them.                   Word on the Week                    2nd July 2022. It was at the end of a Church Service when the visitor asked what words of advice I would give to her rather mature 12-year-old daughter.   I said “Don’t follow the crowd; Jesus never did” and that was accepted as a piece […]

June 18, 2022

Ulysses at 100

Ulysses at 100                   Word on the Week             18th June 2022 The book hit its century this week and shows no lack of vigour that might have been expected of one of such an age.   Written by James Joyce and published in Paris where he was living.   Its publication coincided with his 40th birthday.      At first […]

June 11, 2022

Psalms and Hymns

Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs   Word on the Week     11th June 2022. The Bible has been the source of numerous songs and has its own songbook – the psalms.   Many hymns have an autobiographical flavour. The writer sharing his experience in song.   We will look at John Cennick later. Firstly, we go to Psalm […]

June 4, 2022

Platinum Jubilee

Platinum Jubilee                Word on the Week                       4th June 2022. It is almost a contradiction in terms.   Platinum represents 70 years whereas Jubilee in Scripture is 50 years.      However, over the years the word Jubilee has been added to other significant dates such as 60 years married is a Diamond Jubilee. When Moses was given the […]

May 28, 2022

Gardens without Borders

Gardens without Borders                    Word on the Week           28th May 2022. You know summer has come when the media proclaims the opening of the Chelsea flower show!  This week long event is a logistical triumph.   Many entries come from round the world.  Keeping their flowers alive and coming to their peak for Chelsea is […]

May 14, 2022

The Black Hole

The Black Hole                       Word on the Week                        14th May 2022. An international team of astronomers on Thursday unveiled the first image of a supermassive black hole at the centre of our own Milky Way galaxy, a cosmic body known as Sagittarius A.    When news of it reached our Men’s Shed on Friday it […]

May 7, 2022


WOTW                             Word on the Week                     7th May 2022. This one could be called the Blog that talks to itself!   Although I have been going longer than I care to remember the reason for my existence may not be self-evident.   Indeed, it may not be evident at all! Word on the Week came into being […]

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