George Morrison
March 28, 2010

Passport to Heaven

I think it was Aneurin Bevan who, when a UK cabinet Minister, dreamt of purchasing a rail ticket from Waterloo Station to anywhere in the world without the need for a passport. This last week it almost required a passport to get into the Dublin Passport Office such was the queue created by the current […]

March 13, 2010

Rugby and Religion

“Where does it say in the Bible that the pubs should be closed on Good Friday” was the question troubling a heckler at an Open Air meeting? The question came around again this week when those who enjoy pub-time after full-time realised that the Magners League rugby match was scheduled to take place on Good […]

March 6, 2010

Making the Grade

When “grade inflation” was highlighted in the press this week it was a term new to most of us. It sounded sophisticated. Rather status enhancing. The truth was quite deflating when we learned that exam results in many schools and colleges were being massaged upwards to enhance their reputation. The students who received these higher […]

March 3, 2010

Science versus the Bible: A Response

In a 1989 New York Times article Richard Dawkins declared, with characteristic directness, that anyone who denied Darwin’s theory of evolution was either ignorant, stupid, insane or wicked. Rarely a model of diplomacy, the Oxford zoologist reserves his most biting rhetoric for those who question the secular explanation of life’s origins. Which is not surprising. […]

February 27, 2010

Wood’s Words 20th February 2010

In a country awash with sexual perversions it is almost a relief to read of the serial adultery of Tiger Woods. So skewed has our moral compass gone that the philandering of this superb athlete does not seem so remarkable. What makes his fall from grace intriguing is the fact that he had all his […]

February 27, 2010

Global Warnings

At this time of the year we have cows calving in the farmyard so it was with some curiosity that I learned of the Mertz glacier in Antarctica calving earlier this month. Apparently the gesticulation period is not as predictable as cows occurring every 50 or 100 years but when the calf is an iceberg […]

February 13, 2010

Resigning Times

We have had a famine of resignations in Ireland but recently this has turned into, what for us, is something of a flood. Some have been voluntary like the two politicians who resigned this week. Others like the handful of Bishops whose resignations were involuntary came reluctantly. The reasons given by the politicians are somewhat […]

February 6, 2010

Gender Matters

Word on the Week. 6th February 2010. We are not told in the Bible why God made Adam and Eve instead of Adam and Steve but it makes sense when a short time later he commands them to “be fruitful and multiply”. We are not told why the one man and one woman in lifelong […]

January 25, 2010

Avatar 23rd January 2010

This film, from the director who gave us “Titanic” is the hottest thing to hit the science fiction world. Aided with 3D glasses audiences can see where the $280 million went in making the film and the Director’s bankers can see the $1 billion it netted in the first 17 days! It is impossible not […]

January 16, 2010

A Stove Wins

There is something satisfactory when, in a National scientific competition for schoolchildren the winner out of the 1,000 plus entries was the designer of a home-made stove. It heightens the satisfaction to learn that he did not make it for the cash prize nor for its marketing potential but to have it taken up by […]

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