Mures Valley Project in Romania

Grace Bible Fellowship is involved in supporting the Mures Valley Project in Romania which is led by Mr Ion Damian.

Faith growing
Spiritual growing of the believers – passionate involvement
  • Mission School
  • Bible Studies
  • Conferences
  • Christian magazine “Farul Crestin”
Share Gospel growing
Evangelism growing – passionate involvement
  • Practice mission of mission school
  • Mission campaigns
  • Personal evangelism
  • Radio mission
  • Prison mission
  • Home mission groups
  • Social mission projects
Community Social Mission growing
Projects growing – passionate involvement
  • Social care: “Helping Hands”
  • Social assistance: “Social Center”
  • Counseling care: “Counseling help”
  • Children care: “Children Club”
  • Youth care: “The friends of Lipova”
  • Old people care: “Mission of Mercy”
  • Teenager care: “Career guidance”
Ethnic Mission growing
Mission campaigns
  • Ukraine
  • Romanian gipsy
Mission projects
  • Ukraine
  • Serbia
Mission courses
  • Ukraine
  • Romanian gipsy

With God’s will, we pray and we trust in God for His leading and cares in everything we have to do and pass in 2012. We pray for His provision and help to follow Him to complete His calling for us even in 2012.

With God’s will, we pray for our mission partnership and for our wonderful friendly relationship we have with you. We praise God for the privilege we have to work with you for His Kingdom.

Ion and Marinela Damian / Mission School Opening

Children Club Mission

Ukraina Mission