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February 2021
February 27, 2021

Good News Rediscovered

Good News Rediscovered         Word on the Week          27th February 2021. As zoom meetings go there was one this week that worked well!   It’s not that the technology behaved perfectly, it didn’t, or the ‘breakout rooms’ served their purpose, I lost my video screen and had difficulty recognising the voices but the content was what we […]

February 20, 2021

Time Flies

Time Flies                        Word on the Week               20th February 2021. “I’m not as young as I used to be” said the Chinese Christian worker.   I had failed to recognise her (it had been some years). Then came the obvious reply “none of us are as young as we used to be!”   Psalm 39 verse […]

February 13, 2021

Faith needs an Object

Faith needs an Object               Word on the Week          13th February 2021. The object in these parts is the national Rugby team!   Without four of their outstanding players as a result of injury or misdemeanour they go to face the French this weekend.   Supporters require a lot of faith to believe they will win! The […]

February 6, 2021


Behemoth                         Word on the Week                     6th February 2021. There are a number of human Behemoth’s flourishing financially in today’s world (Job Chapter 40 verses 15 to 24).   They go by names like ‘Amazon’, ‘Apple’ or ‘Google’ etc. and, like the Biblical Behemoth are known for their size and strength.   Perhaps they are more like Leviathan […]