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February 2019
February 23, 2019


In a week that has seen turmoil in places as distant as Venezuela and as near as the House of Commons in London it was a relief to see the orderly assembly of Cardinals and Bishops in Rome. All seemed to be under control. The chain of authority is understood. In Venezuela there is a […]

February 16, 2019

Human Anatomy

Perhaps the most common question asked among those of a certain age is “How’s the health?” With the older half of the population on blood thinners, stents and pace-makers the conversation flows into what the author Maeve Binchy described with delightful ambiguity as an “Organ Recital”! The fact is, as the Psalmist puts it, we […]

February 9, 2019

A Valentine Card

In previous blogs we have looked at the connections Dublin has with St Valentine but now as we anticipate the anonymous Valentine card with its ‘guess who’ in disguised handwriting let’s have a closer look at this thing called love. Some call it chemistry that attracts one to another and certainly that could account for […]

February 2, 2019

The Fields of Aviva

The 2nd of February, traditionally called Candlemas Day, is located mid way between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It has long been associated with forecasting the weather as the Old Folk’s poem relates: – If Candlemas Day be dry and fair The half o’ the Winter’s to come and mair If Candlemas Day […]