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August 19, 2017

I am not afraid

The refrain, taken up by the crowd following the carnage created by the terrorist’s truck ploughing its way through Barcelona, had a note of defiance which may have masked the truth. “No tine por” Catalan for “I am not afraid” may have been more of an aspiration as many had taken refuge in the buildings […]

August 12, 2017

Playing the Trump Card

The language this week which Trump aimed at Kim Jong-un reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1955 comedy thriller “To Catch a Thief”. The plot is simple, if you want to catch a thief you must copy the thief you want to catch! Match his tactics in order to bring him to justice. In Donald Trump […]

August 5, 2017


Just when we thought the cost of soccer transfer fees could not go higher Neymar, the mercurial Brazilian, leaves Barcelona and joins PSG for €222,000,000! This figure, which is the price demanded by the release clause, is more than double the previous highest – Paul Pogba (Man. United) last year – and shows an inflationary […]

July 29, 2017

Joseph Hart Word on the Week 29th July 2017. Have you noticed that among the words which have dropped out of circulation or have lost much of their original meaning is the word ‘sin’. When it is used it usually restricted to trivia and is associated with excess or unwise eating or drinking. Joseph Hart […]

July 22, 2017

George Young, Missionary

A recent reading of the ‘High Priestly Prayer’ (St John Chapter 17) reminded me of the first time I heard it explained. It was back in the mid 1960ies and I had recently been converted when George Young, then a retired missionary, spoke on the Chapter over four evenings. I still have the notes from […]

July 15, 2017

Murphy’s Tactics

I was reminder this week of the pyromaniac who burned down the old mews house which formed part of our church complex in Pearse Street about 20 years ago. He then contacted the fire brigade to come and put the fire out! The antics of one of our TD’s were not all that dissimilar. The […]

July 8, 2017

Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan was a survivor. She was one of two children born in Massachusetts to famine immigrants from Co Limerick. Following her mother’s death when she was age 8 her father could not cope and placed both herself and her younger brother into an almshouse. The brother died shortly afterwards and Anne, who had developed […]

July 1, 2017

Pell’s Plight

This week the news broke of legal charges filed against Cardinal Pell, formerly archbishop of Sydney and Melbourne, but for the last three years has been in the Vatican dealing with its finances. During his time away from Australia there appears to have been multiple complaints lodged against the Cardinal of “historical sexual offences” but […]

June 24, 2017

Refugees in Ireland

The fate of refugees in Ireland is not a happy one. Given the trauma they have experienced in getting here a bit more of the famed 100,000 welcomes would not come amiss! Globally the refugee crisis is increasing by the minute as highlighted in a United Nations report published this week. It showed the rich […]

June 17, 2017

Rathlin Island

This week was broken up nicely into a two-day conference entitled “The Mission of God” and a two-day visit to Rathlin Island which lies off the north coast of Ireland. The former declared that accurate preaching from the scriptures is ‘an act of God’ and the latter displayed the splendour of His Creation. The sea […]

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