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March 24, 2018

Facebook is Watching You

“The only thing George Orwell got wrong” said Tony in the Men’s Shed “was the date 1984”! The famous futuristic book has come to pass. The ‘thought police’ have arrived. You are known and that means a lot more than your postal address and email! Recent revelations have shown that the data-mining and consultancy company, […]

March 17, 2018

Saint Patrick

This is the date St Patrick died. Many would have wished he had chosen a date in the summer as they stand shivering at one of the many parades. This year the Siberian airflow has come back to have a second bite of Ireland. There will be many groups of ‘Cheerleaders’ from the US with […]

March 10, 2018

Right to Life

The Supreme Court has spoken. There is no legal protection afforded by the Constitution to the baby in the womb. He or she has no rights except the right to life. This right to life is that our government want to get their hands on. That’s what the impending referendum is all about. It’s been […]

March 3, 2018

The Beast from the East

The Beast is no longer ferocious. It is snowing gently now. The footsteps of last nights’ visitors, which cut through the snowdrift, have almost disappeared. Where the wind has swept the ground to a thin layer of snow, Tess the pup’s footsteps are the only signs of life. An exception would be found around the […]

February 24, 2018

Billy Graham

The death of Billy Graham this week at age 99 (he would have reached 100 in November) ended his ministry on earth. He was the doyen of evangelists, outliving his contemporaries and continuing to be involved in ministry well into his 90ies. It was back in 1954 when Billy came to London and the first […]

February 17, 2018

Chinese New Year

It is often said that we live in a global village. Things happening on the other side of the world become news competing with our own backyard bulletins. This week the influx of Chinese material to the WhatsApp Eire CCF site on my smartphone spelled out in strange letters “A Happy New Year”! This piece […]

February 10, 2018

St Valentine’s Day

I may be a few days early but the 14th will come round and you still will not have purchased that card/flowers unless you heed this reminder! The Saint is not nearly so busy these days but he is punctual, showing up each year on his anniversary! Legend has it that Valentine was a successful […]

February 3, 2018

Wise Words

Recently at the Golden Globe’s Awards the audience of media stars were treated to a rousing address by one of the recipients. It came from Oprah Winfrey. The content of her 9-minute speech was perfectly in tune with the mood of the gathering which was female solidarity in the face of powerful male exploitation. It […]

January 27, 2018


The jailing of Matthew Horan, the 26-year-old sex offender, this week has highlighted the dangers inherent in the misuse of social media. Horan was using Skype, Snapchat, Instagram and Kik. All designed to promote social interaction including the transmission of pictures. As is usually the case this sex offender comes from a difficult background. Amongst […]

January 20, 2018

Martin’s U-turn

When Michael Martin the leader of Fianna Fail announced this week that he now favoured the introduction of abortion up to 3 months he confounded his Party. Up to then he had been stanchly pro-life. The 8th Amendment to the Constitution – The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due […]

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